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frequently asked questions

If I am charged with crime should I retain an attorney?
The short answer to this is yes.  Although it is cliche to say– “you have a fool for a client if you represent yourself,” it is basically an accurate statement.  Dave Nelson has successfully represented fellow attorneys who have been charged with criminal offenses (felonies and misdemeanors).

How much does it cost to retain a criminal attorney?
There are a number of factors that determine the fees in a criminal case.  Most misdemeanors are much less expensive than felonies.  But each case is unique.  We try to work with our clients in payment of fees.  In all cases a fee agreement is created and signed by both the attorney and the client.  There are no hidden fees or costs.  At the Law Office of David A. Nelson we only accept flat fees (rather than hourly fees) for criminal cases.

How do I decide which law office to retain for my criminal case?
Just because a law office has a big “Yellow Pages” advertisement does not mean that they are the best law office in a community.  When you shop for an attorney ask questions about fees and costs, ask about how they would handle this type of case, ask what kind of experience they have handling this kind of case, ask what kind of outcome to expect.  In the end, you should feel extremely comfortable with the conversation and relationship with the attorney.  Do not retain a lawyer that tries to scare you or makes unreal promises.  You should never feel pressure to retain a specific lawyer.  Make sure the attorney offers a fee agreement that clearly explains the fees and what you are paying for.  Your attorney should be a team player, make sure you are entirely comfortable with the relationship.